Q: What is a stomata?

A: Stomata are air exchange pores on the surface of a leaf. This is a more curated, surface level peek into my life.


“You study nutrition? You must eat so healthy!” “Should you be eating that?” “Aren’t carbs bad for you?”

This account is my feeble resistance to a culture that makes a “healthy” home cooked diet out to be something expensive, exclusive, and ultimately unattainable for most. I’m trying to live a Bon Appétit life on a Basically budget to show that you don’t need superfoods, marble countertops, and great natural lighting to have a wholesome and well-rounded diet.


An art archive. I tried at first to make the feed look cohesive and consistent, but I found that it wasn’t really giving me room to be more experimental with my art. Perhaps someday I will develop more of a personal style, but for now I am content with what I’ve got going here, putting more emphasis on the fact that I’m making something in the first place.